Blog: All About Practice

This blog exists to help piano students and their parents to connect more between weekly lessons by providing resources and suggestions to improve practice productivity. We want to make how to practice more clear.

Sometimes you will find links to products and resources. We will never recommend an app, resource, or product without throughly vetting it first.

Recommended Metronome Apps for Android Devices

There are some really neat metronome apps out there now. When I was taking lessons as a child, I had to use this horrible metronome with the world's most annoying beeping sound. I'm so glad my students have a choice as to what kind of metronome to use, and even what...

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Practice & Routines

"Learning a musical instrument is unlike almost any other endeavor a young child attempts. Virtually no other activity requires the same kind of weekly private instruction, the intense individual effort that must continue over a period of several years, and, most of...

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Choosing an Instrument

I'm always happy to offer suggestions on purchasing an instrument! Here's my list of recommended practice instruments: well-maintained acoustic piano ($300+ estimated cost for a used piano) full-size (88 keys) fully-weighted digital piano ($700+ estimated cost for a...

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For Parents: About Piano Practice

I always try to make sure parents of beginning students know that learning to play the piano requires a commitment from both the student AND the parent. In fact, the parent's commitment and involvement often has a huge role to play in the student's progress. The role...

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How to Sit at the Piano

You might have noticed I spend the first portion of each lesson ensuring that each student is seated properly at the piano, and I continue to make adjustments during the lesson as I see the need. Why do I use valuable lesson time to do this? The answer deals with how...

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Jackie Sharp has a Blog!

My favorite expert on technique started a blog this week! Adult students will find this particularly interesting. Pop on over and check it out. Here an excerpt: (10 Practice Techniques for your "toolkit") 1. Separate Hands Practice 2. Practising in dotted rhythms 3....

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For Every Piano Parent, New and Not-so-New

Today I'd like to share with you 7 important things to remember about learning the piano from our friends at The Curious Piano Teachers. I was looking to share just one of those 7 things with you as the most important, but then I realized I can't choose just one! They...

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Apps Used in Lessons

Here follows a list of apps frequently used during lessons and recommended for home practice. Keep in mind some of these apps may be available for Apple devices only. Rhyhm Cat Treble Cat Bass Cat Dust Buster 2 Ear Trainer Piano Maestro TMASG Practice+ Blob Chorus...

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