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This blog exists to help piano students and their parents to connect more between weekly lessons by providing resources and suggestions to improve practice productivity. We want to make how to practice more clear.

Sometimes you will find links to products and resources. We will never recommend an app, resource, or product without throughly vetting it first.

An Exciting Announcement!

KiddyKeys Classes are coming in October!

We’re so excited to announce that we will be offering KiddyKeys classes!

For many years, we’ve wanted to offer group classes, but it’s been hard to find a location and curriculum that works for us! Now with the addition of our location at Shepherd Road, we now have the space to bring this to you!


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Welcome to my blog, All About Practice! If you're here because of my Piano Bench Mag article, great! That means you must have liked it! 🙂 [If you want to read my Piano Bench Mag article from February 2017, subscribe to this monthly piano teaching digital magazine....

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Recommended Metronomes for Apple Devices

Here are the metronome apps I currently use in lessons: Practice+ My favorite metronome app. Easy to find menu options for changing the time signature and subdivision Accent beat one option The sound choices are excellent, ranging from wood blocks, to analog, to...

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