Here are the metronome apps I currently use in lessons:

Practice+ Metronome App screenshot set to 108 bpm

Practice+ Metronome App, 3/4 time signature, set to beep to quarter notes at 108bpm.


  • My favorite metronome app.
  • Easy to find menu options for changing the time signature and subdivision
  • Accent beat one option
  • The sound choices are excellent, ranging from wood blocks, to analog, to shakers!
  • Tempo markings such a moderato from 106-120-ish bpm
  • Also has tuner function, Pitch Player (Play reference tones to check your intonation. Pitch playback range A1-C8), Recorder- Record and share your practice sessions right from your device, SetList-Easily create setlists and save all settings with a single tap, and a Practice Mode where you can loop difficult passages and increase tempo automatically with each repetition


Super Metronome Groove Box (Lite and Paid versions)

  • Instead of a clicking or beeping, you get a drum track with plenty of stylistic options to choose from: Standard, Funky, Rock, R&B, etc.
  • The Lite/free version is limited to 8 measures. After 8 measures, it will stop and remind you to purchase the full version
  • Time signature and subdivision options
  • Has a speed up tempo automatically option: “Progressive Tempo” is a fantastic tool to practice technique, tempo, or difficult passages. Fast and easy to set, you can play faster or slower times progressively establishing the number of measures for a change and the increase BPM number. Also you can loop back, repeat the progression from the start BPM or even keep the last tempo to keep playing.




Metronome M1

  • The primary benefit of this app is that it is a visual metronome. You can actually see the beats. It’s a little confusing at first, as both yellow and red flashes across the screen.
  • I like to use this app with my youngest students because it helps them see the beats.
  • It gets a little too overwhelming when you add more than 6 beats to the measure. Too many flashing lights and changing colors for me.
  • Speed up tempo option
  • You can change the pitch of the beeping! Great for students with varying degrees of sensory defensiveness.
  • Shows the proper terms and a short description for tempo markings

Using Metronome M1

Here are the settings for M1

Metronome app for piano lessons

Set to 4 beats per measure at 80bpm. Here is a screenshot of the first half of the second beat in the measure.

Visual Metronome on second beat

Set to 4 beats per measure at 120bpm. Here is a screenshot of the second half of the second beat in the measure.