I always try to make sure parents of beginning students know that learning to play the piano requires a commitment from both the student AND the parent. In fact, the parent’s commitment and involvement often has a huge role to play in the student’s progress. The role of the parent(s) cannot be stressed enough for the young pianist.

Your student will need help – Up until about age 11, they will need hands-on help with home practice. Even though you may not read music or play the piano yourself, your assistance is still very much needed! Your student absolutely needs your support to be successful!

Parental help can take the following forms:

  • initiating practice at the piano
  • reading lesson notes with the student
  • organizing practice time wisely
  • downloading apps for reinforcement
  • sitting down together and working through the theory assignments
  • gentle, encouraging words that remind the student to think critically about their practice
  • providing encouragement through difficult sections or situations
  • arranging mini-recitals for close family and friends

Asking a young child to be in charge of something as important as piano practice is often asking too much. Your help at home will make a substantial difference in your children’s progress.

If you’re struggling with piano practice, please don’t struggle in silence! Ask for help!